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双层共挤 ABA吹膜机

节约成本 高产能.

ABA-Three-layer-co-extrusion blown film machine

? Save material cost, 400 USD/TON.
? Increase output, 20% higher, 80TONS/YEAR.


Optional Device

Corona Compressor Edge material recycling machine UPS Chiller Edge material recycling machine 2
Corona Compressor Edge material recycling machine UPS Chiller Edge material recycling machine

ABA 500x333 Three layer co-extrusion blown film machine

Aoxiang Packaging Machinery production of ABA three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine has a unique advantage in the production of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE materials.Through the multi-layer co-extrusion, the physical strength of the film is improved. The two main motors supply three-layer extrusion. One provides internal and external coating, while the other provides internal filled layer. It can reach the purpose of host configuration reduction, cost reduction, energy conservation and low consumption. Meanwhile, the internal filling layer can be added recycled material and calcium carbonate, whose proportion is more than 80% of total. The raw material cost in the process of production can be greatly reduced to provide clients with a strong market competitiveness.

ABA Three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine

The applicable range of ABA film blowing machine is wide, mostly for vest bag, flat bag, biodegradable plastic film and fruit packaging.

1 . How to take good usage of the recycle material and caco3

The price of oil and new material is going up.To use reworked material and filling calcium carbonate can greatly reduce the cost than buying new material. Our ABA blown film machine, using A layer of output both inside and outside two layers of coating layer, can make the production of the film surface smoothly and brightly with strong tension resistance, which meets the industrial and civil standard. Then the inner coating layer uses more than 4 times the amount of renewable raw material and calcium carbonate filler. Its production of the film quality is absolutely better than single-layer equipment and less cost than three-layer machine. By this way, customers will save raw material cost in the process of production and improve the quality advantage as well as promote enterprise’s market competitiveness.




The advantage of ABA three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine

The design character of extruder:

ABA three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, using a three-layer co-extrusion die head, whose main part has only two screws feeding three layers. This feeding way will save a extrusion machine all cost,which can reduce wear, electric power, artificial, covers an area of space and etc.

Convenient operation

Automatic feeding system. According to the production of automatic feeding material, it uses reworked and calcium carbonate material, while B layer screw adopts automatic network without manual intervention. And the winding operation is all automatic. It can set parameters according to the length and weight and has stronger flexibility. This unit can, 5 pieces equipment as a working group, be operated by one man, which is higher degree of automation and less labor cost.

Investment cost can be quickly recovered

Within one year, the cost of buying the machine can save labor power consumption in the double times. Therefore, the advantage of the enterprise market will be reflected here.

ABA-Three-layer-co-extrusion blown film machine 03

Where to apply

ABA-Three-layer-co-extrusion blown film machine 04

Applicable Areas: T-shirt bags, flat bags.
The advantage of the machine can blow film for large supermarket T-shirt bag and flat bag.?The coating surface is smooth and bright, much better than that of national quality standard. Furthermore, the film can be directly used for printing colorfully and in flatness. It can save time and labor consuming.


Apply to industry: high quality garbage bag
As the Improved living standards and industrial technology, the requirements of garbage bags are gradually increasing. The recycle material products of garbage bag haven’t been meeting the demand in the market. Nowadays, more and more companies choose our machines for high quality garbage bags film, which has excellent barrier properties, superior tensile and texture. They are already widely used in medical waste packaging, civilian garbage bag, hotels, schools, property and many other fields.


Applicable industry: degradable plastic mulch film
This machine is applied widely in the agriculture, Biodegradable plastic, corrosion resistant plastic sheeting and etc.